Attendance Management Software for

Smart Businesses

Go paperless with digital attendance management system for your contractual and distributed workforce with features like geo-fencing, live tracking and much more

facility management software

Making Managing

Attendance Easier

Bringing transparency and control in employee attendance through real time automation technologies resulting in smooth operations and enhanced employee productivity

Easy to Use

Easy to Implement. Runs on Android and iOS. Built in Geo-fencing.

Customisable Policies

Customise policies as per Location or Staff Category. Shift, Overtime and more.

Centralised Control

Real-time view of multiple Sites for better transparency and control.

Built for

Sustainable Facilities

Rising energy, commodity and manpower costs makes optimisation of building operations quite imperatives for facility owners and manager for sustainability and future growth.


Get detailed data inputs regarding consumption and productivity of workforce to help you determine operational efficiency of facility.


Real time alerts and notifications in case of any discrepancy or pre-defined alert criteria to keep a tab on building operations.


Get detailed analytics and insights as how your operations are goings, where are the avenues of improvement and much more.


Get details about avenues for improvement and actionable insights to improve your building operations and save operational costs.

A facility management software driven by IoT Technology for intelligent and actionable insights for optimal facility management and cost savings

Intelligence that is

Data Driven

Data driven facility management software for making building operations seamless, smooth and efficient and provide detailed business insights for improvements on micro-level.


Built in intelligence using new age IoT technologies and hardware for process digitalisation and automation.

Data Driven

Data collection at various points with advanced business algorithms to help you manage business operations efficiently.


Detailed insights on your business processes, utility of assets and productivity of workforce to help you improve your operational outcomes.

Estimated Cost Savings of


Facility management software is developed to help you save on operational expenditures and we have helped businesses save over 20%* in their management and maintenance costs (*depending on utility and processes), through effective monitoring and automation of processes.

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