Revolutionising Hospital

Operations with AI

Enhancing operational efficiency in healthcare businesses with AI-driven workforce and non-clinical operation management tools for optimal resource utilisation and personnel deployment.

hospital ai solutions

Empowering high

Efficiency Hospitals

AI powered IoT solutions for hospitals for facility and workforce management, ensuring efficient operations, improved workforce productivity, and in-depth performance insights on facilities and infrastructure.

ai solutions for hospitals



Enhance your portering operations by gaining valuable insights into request trends and boosting the productivity of your portering team.

Patient Flow


Helping hospitals improve their patient flow processes and deliver a unique, safe and excellent service deliverability to patients leveraging AI.



Real-time high-value asset tracking and monitoring solutions within hospitals to efficiently monitor the presence and usage of valuable medical equipment.

Quality of Services


Elevate patient experience, optimize service delivery, and bolster your brand reputation by leveraging a specialized web and mobile-based feedback system designed for healthcare businesses.



Self-service module for patients and visitors, allowing them to request and manage services within the hospital premises independently, without the need to wait for any hospital staff.


Navigation System

Indoor navigation system for hospitals to provide better way finding experience to patients and visitors and indoor positioning to generate better visibility of assets and material for the hospitals staffs.

Wheelchair Tracking


Enhance your operational efficiency and reduce costs of lost assets and moveable items using our IoT BLE Beacon based wheelchair tracking system for smart hospitals

Housekeeping Task

Management System

Harness the capabilities of IoT sensors and AI to streamline your daily housekeeping tasks, enhance staff productivity, reduce operational costs, and achieve superior operational outcomes.

Air Quality Index (AQI)

Monitoring System

Solution for keeping a healthy environment in your hospitals and clinics through real time Air Quality Index (AQI) monitoring system to keep a control on transmission of infections through air



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Enabling better Patient Transport Operations

Patient Transportation is a crucial operation in smooth operations of any hospitals which has its own challenges. Let's look at some of these challenges and their solutions.

Bringing Efficiency in Workforce Management

Check how goporter helped the client in monitoring the actual utility of employees and client gained visibility on real time presence and movement of its employees in the premises.

Improving Asset Utilisation using BLE

BLE based RTLS Asset Monitoring and Management can help hospitals in better utilisation for their assets and high value medical equipments.

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