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Innovative Hospital Porter Management System, leveraging IoT technology, to digitize patient and equipment transport requests, elevate workforce productivity, and optimize labor costs effectively.

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Helping Hospitals

Optimise Portering

Portering stands as a significant cost hub for hospitals. The absence of efficient solutions leads hospitals to incur excessive expenses by maintaining surplus porters for daily operations. Our hospital Porter Management System, driven by IoT technology, presents an opportunity to curtail these costs by:

Digitalised Requests

Each incoming patient and equipment transport request is seamlessly processed within the system, enabling real-time tracking of progress. No longer will you need to engage in manual phone calls to porters or chase after them to ensure task completion.

Effective Tracking

Efficiently monitor the movements of your porters within the building premises, gaining insights into their activities and locations in real time. This is made possible through IoT-based iBeacon devices, ensuring accurate indoor tracking.

Productivity Monitoring

Gain a comprehensive understanding of each porter’s workload and overall contribution. Acquire detailed insights that empower you to enhance productivity and streamline operational costs related to your porters.

Creating Intelligence

Familiarize yourself with trends and patterns in patient and equipment transport requests, enabling strategic resource planning, mitigating last-minute challenges, and optimising your portering operations seamlessly.

An innovative hospital porter management system designed to enhance patient and equipment transport operations within hospitals, all while optimising labor costs effectively.

Built for

Better Efficiency

Designed with the aim of enhancing hospital operational efficiency, our porter management system employs data-driven intelligent insights to optimize operations and enhance manpower cost savings through improved resource utilization.

Requests Generated

Understand the daily trend of patient and equipment transport requests, enabling more efficient planning for porters and support staff, ultimately resulting in enhanced productivity.

Porters Required

Determine the optimal number of porters required to proficiently manage the generated patient or equipment requests, ensuring seamless daily operations without any disruptions.

Porter Productivity

Ascertain whether your porters exhibit uniform productivity levels or if certain individuals shoulder the majority of the workload, while others may be underutilizing their work time.

Beyond mere indoor tracking and task management, dex‘s porter management system is dedicated to enhancing your portering team’s productivity and minimising waiting time for nursing staff.

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Built for efficient

Task Management

Effectively allocate, oversee, and track portering tasks encompassing patient, equipment, sample, or document transport within the hospital. Gain real-time insights into task progress and porter productivity for a comprehensive view of operations.

Allot Tasks

Task assignment to porters is automated, relying on their proximity to task generation points and their daily task history. Say goodbye to manual calls or the need to chase porters – our system ensures efficient job completion seamlessly.

Monitor Progress

Comprehensive monitoring of task progression, capturing data at every stage to provide insights into both porter efficiency and productivity, offering a holistic view of your entire portering operations.

Manage Productivity

Detailed insights into porter productivity, encompassing task volume, task completion times, utilization of productive hours, and other pertinent metrics that shed light on their daily activities.

Built for effective

Indoor Tracking

Efficiently track and monitor Porters and support staff within Hospital premises using IoT based iBeacon devices and monitor their real time location during their work hours.

Track Location

Know the real time location of Porters within the hospital premises with accuracy of within meters to keep a track of their movements.

Monitor Time Spent

Monitor how your Porters spend their time within hospital premises and analyse their utility during the day or week.

Manage Utility

Measure and monitor utility of Porters based on how much time they are spending on tasks and how much they are spending around the premises.

How does the Porter Management

System Helps?

System focuses on reducing waiting time for nurses and improving productivity of your porters and support staff with efficient job allocation, real time indoor tracking within premises and better monitoring their productive time spent.

Reduce Porter Ideal Time

Reduce ideal time for porters with triggers to know who has not done enough jobs for the day and mechanism to equally distribute incoming tasks among Porters.

Improve Porter Productivity

Make each porter equally productive and generate better operational outcome with equal task allocation,  efficiently tracking task progress and better monitoring.

Improve Operational Efficiency

Get rid of manual phoning for finding porters and allotting them jobs, let the system find them based on their proximity and reduce unnecessary travel time.

Insights on Trends

Know what type of requests are being generated, which are the areas where most requests are generated along with time taken in completing these requests to plan your resources.

Estimated Savings


goporter’s digital porter service request system can help you save over 20%* in your portering cost (*depending on utility and tasks), through its automated job requests and efficient tracking mechanism for Porters. Sounds interesting, let’s connect to discuss further.

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