Environmental Monitoring Solutions for

Safe and Smart Workplaces

Intelligent environmental monitoring solutions for growing smart businesses to help them measure and monitor live ambient conditions within their premises for a safe and healthy workplace environment.

environmental monitoring solutions

The productivity and performance of your employees and workforce can be significantly affected by an unhealthy environment in workplaces and offices

Helping build a Safe and

Healthy Ambience

Comprehensive environmental monitoring solutions for monitoring temperature, humidity, air quality and much more. Build triggers on top of this data with predetermined thresholds to create intelligence for optimal building performance and maintain healthy environment for employees and visitors.

Air Quality

Get details of air quality within your building premises with triggers based on overshoot of any harmful component.


Real time monitoring of temperature across building and rooms with alerts based on predefined triggers.


Real time humidity data monitoring across building and rooms with alerts based on predefined triggers.


Enhance Efficiency

Environmental monitoring solutions focused on providing a healthy working environment to your workforce and visitors and improving their productivity and efficiency.


Measure temperature, humidity and air quality within building premises or rooms and get real time data on your dashboard.


Monitor and configure auto-triggers based on predetermined thresholds to intelligently switch on or off systems.


Optimise your monthly bills with efficient energy management with in building premises and triggers to know discrepancies.

Focused on

Healthy Environment

Studies shows that a healthy environment can help in significant improvement of performance and efficiency of your employees and provide better environment for visitors. Connect with us to know how we work with businesses to help them monitor and improve their ambient environment with our IoT based environmental monitoring solutions.

Build for Growth and


Our environmental monitoring solution helps businesses across various domains to maintain a clean, health and safe environment in their premises. Check out of solutions for various domains


Explore solutions for air quality monitoring in hospitals and clinics for providing better and healthy recovering experience to patients.


Know more about air quality monitoring for schools for providing healthy and productive environment to students and staff.


Enhance employee productivity by providing them a healthy and clean air using air quality monitoring solutions for Offices.


Provide your guests a healthy and clean air through real time air quality monitoring solutions for hotels and restaurants.

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Want to know more about our environmental monitoring solutions and how we can help you in improving your employee performance and monitoring along with keeping your building ambience healthy and safe. Drop us a line and we will schedule a demo for you.