Task Management System for

Facility Maintenance Tasks

Efficient task management solution for your in-house facility maintenance tasks based on indoor location intelligence to help you improve workforce productivity and efficiency.

task management system

Why task management for your

In-house Workforce?

Does your business employee in-house workforce or contractual workforce to do in-house tasks like housekeeping, janitorial tasks or maintenance tasks? Do you have any idea about their utility and productivity?

Work Demand

Are you aware of the current workload of your workforce and the number of in-house task requests generated for them within your premises?

Workforce Requirement

Are you confident that you have an adequate workforce to handle all tasks efficiently without disrupting your operations?

Actual Utilization

Are you aware of the overall utility and productivity of your workforce? Are they fully utilized or perceived solely as a cost center for your business?

Task management solution designed to facilitate efficient handling of in-house tasks and monitor the utility and productivity of your workforce, ultimately assisting in the optimization of manpower costs.

Built for better and efficient

Task Management

Efficiently allot, manage and monitor in-house tasks related to housekeeping, technical or janitorial within your premises with end to end progress tracking with detailed eye on productivity of the workforce.

Allot Tasks

Task allotment based on the proximity to the location where tasks is generated and number of tasks your employees have done on that day. No more manual calling or chasing workforce for getting the jobs done.

Monitor Progress

End to end monitoring of task progress with data capturing at each point to give you insights on efficiency and productivity of the employees as well as your complete operations.

Manage Productivity

Detailed insights on productivity of workforce like how many tasks they are doing, how much time they are taking in completing the tasks, how they are spending their productive time during the day and much more.

Built for Smart and

Efficient Business

A solution adaptable to all type of businesses like hospitals, hotels, malls and factories, any business with large premises to help them manage tasks and monitor workforce productivity.


Guest request management system for hotels to effectively manage their guest service requests.


Allows large factories to manage technical or mechanical service requests and allot them to relevant departments.


Task management combined with employee indoor tracking for productive workforce within malls and shopping complexes


Porter management system for hospitals to effective manage their in-house patient requets.

Estimated Cost Savings of


A task management system that can help you save over 20%* in your manpower cost (*depending on utility and tasks), through its automated job requests and efficient tracking mechanism for workforce. Sounds interesting, let’s connect to discuss further.

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