Employee Indoor Tracking System for

Safe and Productive Workforce

Comprehensive RTLS based employee indoor tracking solution that helps businesses efficiently monitor their employees within the business premises.

employee indoor tracking

Making Workforce

Efficient and Productive

Gain control over employee productivity through an efficient employee indoor tracking and monitoring system, featuring innovative BLE and LoRaWAN-based RTLS hardware along with mobile apps.

Key features such as real-time indoor location tracking, location-based attendance, and alerts and notifications empower businesses to effectively manage and monitor their resources.


Track your workforce and employees in real time within the premises or building with precise real time location and alerts based on pre-defined criteria.


Monitor how your employees and staff are spending their time within the premises during their work hours along detailed insights on their movements.


Analyze how effective your workforce and employees are in their day to day tasks based on their time spent on work locations.

Assisting businesses in enhancing the productivity and safety of their employees with an effective employee indoor tracking and monitoring system within the business premises.

It’s not just about

Indoor Tracking

Monitor movement and time spent of employees at any specific locations, at any specific point of time within the premises to reduce unproductive time spent by employees or support staff during work hours and improve their efficiency.

Innovative employee tracking system uses iBeacon devices placed around the premises to get precise location of employees at any given point of time which is not possible by regular GPS devices in a multi-storey building.

Single Solution for

Multiple Industries

Employee indoor tracking system and workforce management is a requirement for every business that has a large premises and large workforce, as they face challenges in monitoring the productivity and utility of their workforce working within the premises.


Track your porters, attendants and support staff within the hospital premises and monitor their movements and patterns as how they spend their work hours.


Track your stewards and guest service staff within hotel premises, monitor their real time location and get detailed insights on their productivity.


Solutions for large factories and manufacturing units to help them track their workforce and employees in real time within factory premises for better safety and productivity.


Solutions for malls and large shopping complexes to help them track their janitorial and housekeepings staff within the complex premises for better productivity.

Benefits of Workforce and

Employee Indoor Tracking

Effective monitoring solution to track the location of your workforce and employees within the premises at any given time, enhancing their safety and productivity in the process.

Reduce Ideal Time

Reduce ideal time for workforce by triggering alerts in case employees spend more than pre-defined time away from their work location.

Improve Safety

Know exact location of employees in case of emergency and know who is still within the premises, and at what location.

Improve Efficiency

Get rid of manually finding employees for getting any tasks done, get their exact location at any point of time within premises.

Estimated Cost Savings of


Effective workforce tracking and management can help you save over 20%* in your manpower cost (*depending on utility and tasks), through efficient indoor tracking mechanism. Sounds interesting, let’s connect to discuss further.

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