Intelligent and Smart Utility

Metering Solutions

Smart utility metering solutions leveraging IoT technology enabling efficient monitoring and optimisation of utility consumption with real-time usage data and actionable insights to enhance tracking and optimize resource utilization.

smart utility monitoring solution

Building an Energy

Optimized Ecosystem

Tailored for informed decision-making, smart utility metering solutions are designed to extract pertinent data for optimizing consumption, leading to cost savings in energy and other utilities.

Electricity Consumption

Measure, monitor and optimise electricity consumption in buildings with real time alerts in case of any outrage and remote management to switch power on or off in case of emergency.

Water Consumption

Real-time granular data on water consumption patterns to help you efficiently manage continuous water supply within the building and save and conserve water where ever possible.

Gas Consumption

Effective manage and monitor gas consumption sustainably with granular consumption data and remedying leaks without any delays with real-time leakage detection alerts.

utility metering solutions

Empowering businesses to effortlessly obtain and analyze utility meter data in a straightforward, detailed, and logical manner, geared towards enabling savings of over 25% on operational expenses (OPEX)


Cost Efficiency

Smart utility metering solutions for tracking and monitoring real time consumption of electricity, gas or water with detailed data analysis for better planning, billing and usage optimisation and avenues for cost saving on OPEX and better conservation.

Remote Monitoring

Monitors and accumulate meter readings remotely from your power, water or gas lines to get real time consumption pattern on a single dashboard.

Fault Management

Detect power fluctuations, irregular power consumption pattern, water leakage, gas pressure drops etc in real time to easily manage faults.

Easy Escalations

Real time alerts and escalations for concerned personnel in case of any abnormalities such as over consumption, fluctuations, leakages etc

Predictive Maintenance

Predictive maintenance alerts on to keep a check on maintenance schedules and resolves issues before they happen and cause any damage.

Comprehensive Reporting

Real time alerts and escalations for concerned personnel in case of any abnormalities such as over consumption, fluctuations, leakages etc

Easy Integration

Easy integration across platforms and hardware to make it easy for you to use ant hardware provider and any device.

How does smart utility metering

Solutions Helps?

Monitor your utility consumption in real time, keep a track of overshoot in budgets, get real time updates in case of discrepancies to optimize your utility expenses and generate better results.

Reduce Power Bills

Significantly reduce your monthly power bills by controlling consumption patterns and plan maintenance and repairs before its needed.

Increase Energy Efficiency

Monitor consumption, take preventive measures in case of issues and get detailed reports to improve energy efficiency of your building.

Reduce Carbon Footprints

Better energy consumption and monitoring helps you save significantly on your energy costs as wells as carbon footprints of your organisation.

Estimated Cost Savings of


Effective monitoring through IoT based smart utility metering solutions can help businesses save over 25%* in OPEX (depending on implementation and proper monitoring) and help optimize energy costs. Sounds interesting, let’s connect to discuss further.

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