Porter Tracking System for

Optimised Portering Operations

innovative porter tracking system powered by IoT technology, featuring capabilities such as automatic job assignment, real-time tracking of porter locations within the premises, and enhanced by robust analytics and reporting tools to assist you in optimizing your portering operations.

porter tracking system

Efficient Task Allocation for

Porters and Support Staff

Portering plays a vital role in the daily functioning of any hospital, presenting challenges related to effective job assignment and performance tracking of porters and support personnel.

Utilizing iBeacon technology, dex’s e-portering and porter tracking system employs IoT for instantaneous porter location tracking and job assignment based on their proximity to service-required areas. iBeacons accurately pinpoint the porter’s precise position, enabling the system to automatically assign tasks to the porter nearest to the requested location.

Real Time Location

System uses iBeacon sensors installed within the premises to capture exact location of porters, accurate upto less than a meter.

Reduced Ideal Time

Reduce ideal time for porters or support staff with triggers to know who has not done enough jobs for day and equally distributing incoming jobs.

Data Recording

All data and information is comprehensively recorded in database, allowing you to run reports and take informative decision based on your business processes.

Improved Efficiency

Get rid of phoning for finding porters and allotting them their next job. Let system find them based on their location and allot them jobs automatically.

Improved Productivity

Make sure each porter and support staff gets equal share of tasks within a day or week to make them equally productive and generate better outcome.

Better SLAs

Define SLAs for each tasks or job and compare with actual performance of the porter or support staff to improve your processes.

Enhancing the efficiency and productivity of hospitals by leveraging cutting-edge IoT technology to decrease portering expenses.

It’s not just about

Porter Tracking

The system employs IoT-enabled iBeacon devices and mobile phones to accurately detect the precise location of porters. It then assigns tasks based on their closeness to the request, resulting in reduced travel time for porters and expedited task completion.

Minimal Set Up

System runs completely on cloud based backend, so basically no IT set up is required to get started. Just sign up your team and you are ready to go.

Minimal Training

System is easy to understand and requires minimal training for the porters or support staff. You can be ready to start within a day or two.

Minimal Hardware

System just requires iBeacon sensors and Android devices to get porter’s location and allot them jobs. No need to change anything in your existing set up.

Minimal Efforts

System is completely automated, right from finding the exact location of a porter to sending them job request based on their proximity to request location.

Efficiency for


goporter presents a holistic porter management solution designed to assist hospitals in efficiently overseeing their support personnel, porters, and day-to-day operations. This solution provides the flexibility for streamlined job management while offering effective reporting tools to facilitate informed decision-making.

Hospitals invest a significant amount on a monthly basis for support staff and porters, often lacking insight into the optimal number necessary for smooth day-to-day operations. The system provides insights into the ideal count of porters required, aiding in cost optimization.

Know Number of Requests

Gain a comprehensive understanding of the volume of requests generated within the hospital on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, complete with detailed views specific to departments, blocks, or sections. Additionally, generate reports that highlight request timing to identify peak manpower requirements during specific time periods.

Know Number of Porters

Determine the ideal count of porters needed for each shift by analyzing the volume of requests generated within those shifts. This enables you to strategically plan your workforce deployment, enhance resource management efficiency, and reduce costs associated with excess manpower.

Know Top Performers

Obtain valuable insights into the performance of your porters and support staff, including the number of tasks they handle, their response times, and the extent of idle periods throughout the day. Identify your top-performing individuals and consider offering rewards to boost their productivity.

Redefine your SLAs

The system logs the duration of every interaction associated with a request, beginning from the moment a job is initiated until it’s successfully concluded by the porter. This feature assists in redefining your time-based service level agreements (SLAs) for various types of requests and allows you to closely monitor the efficiency of each porter’s performance.

Estimated Savings


By utilizing our porter tracking system efficiently, hospitals and facility management companies have the potential to achieve approximately 20%* savings in their portering expenses (*actual savings may vary based on utility and tasks). This reduction can significantly contribute to lowering a significant cost factor. Let’s connect to discuss further.

Want to know


Want to know more how our Porter tracking system can help you improve efficiency of your porters and support staff in your hospital? Drop us a line or call us and we will schedule a demo of our porter management solution for you.