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data driven cleaning solutions

Data Driven Cleaning Processes for Efficient and Sustainable Facilities

Data driven smart cleaning can help facility management companies improve their operational efficient and bring down unnecessary costs
ai in facility management

AI in Facility Management: Unlocking Efficiency and Performance

AI brings forth an array of benefits that are reshaping the future of facility management industry and bringing in resource optimization.

Enabling better Patient Transport Operations

Patient Transportation is a crucial operation in smooth operations of any hospitals which has its own challenges. Let's look at some of these challenges and their solutions.

Bringing Efficiency in Workforce Management

Check how goporter helped the client in monitoring the actual utility of employees and client gained visibility on real time presence and movement of its employees in the premises.

Guard Tour System – Enhancing Business Premises Security

Know how a cloud based Security Guard Tour Patrol System can help you enhance the security of your business Premises.

Improving Workforce Safety and Security in Power Plants

BLE and LoRaWAN based Workforce Tracking System for better Employee Safety and Security in Power Plants and Manufacturing Units.

Improving Asset Utilisation using BLE

BLE based RTLS Asset Monitoring and Management can help hospitals in better utilisation for their assets and high value medical equipments.