Building Housekeeping Management System for

Efficient Commercial Spaces

IoT and AI driven building housekeeping management system for better task management, job tracking and employee monitoring with detailed insights on productivity of your housekeeping staff.

task management system

Built for efficient

Task Management

Housekeeping is one of the regular operational process in any commercial space yet it receives very less attention in terms of checks on its effectiveness and productivity of the people involved, our building housekeeping management system helps you achieve effectiveness in your operations through

Digitalising Tasks

Digitalise recurring housekeeping tasks and allot them housekeeping staff, they will see tasks when it’s due and will see option to finish the same with real time status updates.

Tracking Progress

Real time task status updates for allotted task to your housekeeping staff, with option to allow uploading of images on start of the task and task completion.

Monitor Productivity

Know how much work each staff is doing and how much time they are taking to complete their allotted tasks with detailed reports to help you optimise your operations.

Housekeeping management system that aligns tasks with specific locations, ensuring completion within designated timeframes for enhanced productivity.

Built for Efficient

Task Management

Efficiently allot recurring tasks, manage them and monitor their progress in real time as your staff works on the same, along with an eye on their productivity of your housekeeping staff.

Task Allotment

Task allotment to housekeeping staff for all daily tasks can be done once. Tasks will be visible to staff on the due time along with details of the tasks like location and time. No need to manual allotment and checklist based sheets for task allocation.

Real Time Updates

End to end monitoring of task progress with data capturing at each point regarding the location and time, giving you detailed data on progress in real time with insights on efficiency and productivity of hotel housekeeping staff.

Manage Productivity

Detailed insights on productivity of your housekeeping staff like how many tasks they are doing, how much time they are taking in completing the tasks, how they are spending their productive time during the day and much more.

Leveraging IoT technology to infuse intelligence into hospitality housekeeping management, resulting in improved operational outcomes with comprehensive business analytics.

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How does the

System Helps?

System focuses on improving productivity of your housekeeping staff through effective tasks management, employee indoor tracking and monitoring productivity of your staff, helping you optimise your processes and save overhead costs.

Reduce Ideal Time

Reduce ideal time for housekeeping staff with triggers to know who are late in their tasks and who has not completed scheduled tasks on time.

Improve Productivity

Make your housekeeping staff productive and generate better operational outcome with effective task allocation, tracking task progress and better monitoring.

Improved Operations

Get rid of manual checklists and manual data entry of task status, let system manage the same and help you optimise your housekeeping operations.

Estimated Savings of around


Our housekeeping management system can help you optimize your staff costs by improving their efficiency and can help you save over 20%* in your manpower costs (*depending on utility and tasks), through it effective task management and monitoring process. Sounds interesting, let’s connect to discuss further.

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