Indoor Navigation System for

Smart Hospitals

Enhance Operational Efficiency and Visitor Experience with a secure and convenient Indoor Navigation and Positioning System built specifically for Hospitals

indoor navigation system for hospitals

Enhancing Operational Convenience

for Hospitals

Leverage indoor navigation to guide patients and visitors seamlessly to their intended destinations, assist hospital staff and technicians in locating assets and access points, and enhance overall efficiency within the hospital environment.

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Facilitate a seamless experience for patients and visitors by enabling them to effortlessly locate their destinations with easy to use navigation within the hospital premises



Effortlessly monitor and track the real-time location of high-value equipment within hospital premises, reducing the unnecessary time spent on manually locating them, especially in critical situations.



Empower your staff to concentrate on patient care activities rather than trivial tasks such as locating equipment, materials, or tracking support staff, enhancing your operational efficiency.

Implementing an indoor navigation system can elevate visitor and patient experiences, amplify staff productivity, and streamline operational workflows, ultimately leading to superior operational outcomes.

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Built for

Better Convenience

Give patients and visitors an easy and convenient wayfinding options that can be used using their mobile phones, browsers or kiosks in hospital premises and ensure a whole new experience for them as they arrive in your hospital premises.

Indoor Maps

Digital twin of your hospital premises is created that accurately represents points of interest, rooms, and corridors within the building that aids in real-time navigation and location identification.

BLE Beacons

For precise directions BLE Beacons are used that allow detecting real-time location of end user within the hospital premises and guide him to his intended destinations.

Navigation Interface

Usage interface is provided to visitors and patients to access indoor navigation system which can be mobile apps. browsers or kiosks placed within premises.

Enhancing Patient


Leverage our scalable indoor navigation system for hospitals to offers turn-by-turn navigation to patients and visitors, highlighted routes and intuitive search for easy way-finding within the premises.

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