Patient Feedback System for

Hospitals and Clinics

Experience an improved level of patient care with fully customisable patient focused surveys and feedbacks to help you improve your overall patient engagement.

patient feedback system

Helping Hospitals Improve their

Patient Satisfaction Quotient

An efficient patient feedback system that helps you in capturing patient feedback and complaints and provides you with detailed insights to help you understand shortcomings in your operations or offerings.


Captures patient feedback digitally through multiple channels including Android tablets, iPads, Kiosks, SMS or Web Forms.


Allow patients to collect feedback in multiple languages, enabling patients to provide feedback in their preferred language.


Consolidated dashboard to collect and analysis feedback from patients across different locations of your hospitals and clinics.

Over 90% of patients who rate a hospital’s patient experience as very good are likely to recommend it to others and around 80% are likely to return in case required.

A step towards

Enhanced Efficiency

Customisable patient feedback system that provides detailed insights to help you not just improve your patient experience but also helps in achieving better operational outcomes.

Identify Service Gaps

Identify inadequacies in your workflows or patient management based on patient experience and get insights as how to remove bottlenecks to provide a better service.

Improve Workflows

Identify issues that are causing bad patient experience, rectify them and improve your processes to provide a better working environment to your team and better experience to patients.

Deliver Better Services

Collect patient feedback and know their perception about quality of your care and service, improve the same based on patient’s feedback to deliver better services and care.

Enhance Staff Productivity

Good patient feedback means happy patients which in turn means a happy and positive work environment and better productivity and efficiency for your nurses and hospital staff.

Make your Patients and Visitors

Feel Heard and Cared

Improve your patient satisfaction quotient by seamlessly collecting feedback from patients and visitors with minimal to no human intervention for various services including portering, housekeeping services, food delivery, billing related services and much more.

Eliminate chances of missing relevant feedback from patients and visitors and chances to reduce service gaps in your offerings.

patient request management system

Multi-channel access for


Patient feedback system that allows you to collect patient feedback through multiple channels based on your convenience including Android Tablets, QR Codes, iPads, Android Kiosks, SMS or Web.

QR Codes

Collect feedback from patients as well as visitors by allowing scanning of QR codes that can be placed at various locations around the hospital.

Tablets and Mobiles

Use Android Tablets or iPads as mobile kiosks to collect feedback from patients or their attendants in their rooms or may be at nursing stations.

Web Surveys

Collect feedback from patients by send a web survey or feedback form as links through SMS or Email, allowing patients to send feedback on the go.

Helping provide better

Patient Experience

Patient Feedback System built to provide a whole new experience of improved patient care with patient-focused surveys and feedback leveraging latest technologies to help hospitals improve their business processes.

Get in touch to build a

Happy Hospital

Continuous monitoring of patient feedback and taking timely action on their response can help in creating a happier environment for patients as well as hospital staff and significantly improve your Patient Satisfaction Quotient. Connect with us to know how we can help you create a better environment.