BLE Asset Tracking System for

Smart Hospitals

Innovative IoT based BLE Asset Tracking System for hospitals and healthcare set-ups for real time asset monitoring of high value medical equipment within hospital premises.

asset tracking system


Asset Tracking?

Tracking the exact location of high value medical equipments at the time of need has always been a challenge for hospitals. Our BLE asset tracking system helps to overcome this challenge through effective tracking and real time location monitoring of assets

Exact Location

Get exact location of asset within hospital premises with an accuracy of within a meter.

Real TimeMonitoring

Configure alerts in case asset is moved from its designated location.

Authorise Movement

Authorise movement of assets only after approval from Supervisors.

Enhance real-time asset tracking and monitoring accuracy and effectiveness for healthcare businesses by leveraging IoT technologies like BLE and LoRaWAN

Built for Efficient

Indoor Tracking

iBeacon are most effective in tracking personnel and assets within buildings and are easy to deploy and manage when compared to other indoor tracking technologies. Our iBeacon asset tracking system provides

Movement Path

Know details of the path taken by asset during its movement within the hospital building with time stamp of detection at various locations.

Time Spent

Get details of the time spent by the asset at any particular location during its movement within the hospital building.

Data Insights

Get detailed time and path data of asset movement for usage or business analysis for any particular asset or high value equipment.

Annual Savings over


Hospitals loss over 20% annually on missing assets and high value equipments, apart from having bad patient experience due to delays in finding medical equipment. See how our BLE asset tracking system and wheelchair tracking system can help you effectively track and monitor your high value assets.

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