Wheelchair Tracking System for

Better Accessibility

Enhance patient care and optimise your hospital workflows using IoT based wheelchair tracking system built for better monitoring of your movable resources

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Helping Hospitals

Optimise Resources

Navigating within premises of hospitals can be challenging, especially for patients with mobility constraints and availability of wheelchairs can add further challenge to the same. Our wheelchair tracking system aims to address this challenge by providing real-time location insights, making it easier for both patients and hospital staff to ensure timely and efficient services.

Real-Time Location Tracking

Our system utilizes advanced tracking technology including BLE and LoRaWAN, allowing hospitals to monitor the real-time location of wheelchairs within their premises. This ensures prompt availability and efficient allocation of resources.

Precision and Accuracy

Powered by state-of-the-art sensors and tracking mechanisms, our system guarantees precise and accurate wheelchair location data. This accuracy is vital for optimizing hospital operations and improving patient care.

Customisable Alerts

Receive instant notifications for wheelchair status, including when a wheelchair is in use, available for pickup, or requires maintenance. Customizable alerts ensure that hospital staff stays informed and can respond promptly.

Real-time visibility of wheelchair within hospital premises can ensure quick and efficient availability during emergency situations, providing critical support to patients.

Built for

Better Efficiency

Real-time visibility of wheelchairs, ensures smooth operations and enhances the overall experience for patients and visitors, minimising unnecessary delays in caregiving and contributing to a more efficient and patient-friendly healthcare environment.

Enhanced Patient Experience

Patients with mobility challenges experience improved accessibility, reducing wait times and ensuring a smoother hospital journey.

Resource Optimization

By precisely tracking wheelchair usage, hospitals can strategically deploy resources, ensuring that wheelchairs are available when and where they are needed the most.

Emergency Response

Ensure quick and efficient wheelchair availability during emergency situations, providing critical support to patients.

US Hospitals loose around 100K Wheelchairs annually, summing upto over $20M in loss. On an average a hospital can save upto $75K with an effective wheelchair tracking system

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Efficiency driven by


Wheelchair tracking system that leverages latest IoT hardware and technologies including BLE and LoRaWAN to deliver you operational efficiency and cost savings in your asset expenditures

BLE Tags

BLE tags for wheelchairs and other assets to help you track wheelchairs and other assets in real time and monitor availability of your assets in case of critical scenarios

LoRaWAN Gateways

LoRaWAN based central gateways to collect real time location of your wheelchairs within hospital premises and populate it on easy to understand interface

Web and Mobile Apps

Web and mobile apps for supervisors and administrators to track assets on the go and receive alerts and notifications in case of any discrepancies

Estimated Savings of over

USD 75K Annually

Mitigate unnecessary losses of wheelchairs through real-time visibility within hospital premises. Receive instant notifications and alerts in case of any non-detection or losses, leading to significant savings in terms of movable asset losses.

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Contact us to know more how we can help you save cost of lost assets using an IoT BLE and LoraWAN based wheelchair tracking system and RTLS asset tracking system build specifically for healthcare businesses.