Air Quality Monitoring Solution for

Healthy Hospitals

Indoor air quality monitoring solution for hospitals, clinics and healthcare set ups to help them provide a safe and healthy environment to patients, attendants, visitors and hospital staff.

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Helping build a healthy

Hospital Environment

Keeping a healthy environment in hospitals and clinics is imperative for both patients as well as visitors as they are more prone to infections through air transmission due to already low immunity.


Unhealthy air quality within hospital premises can impact overall health of patients, delay their recovery or may trigger new health complications.


Poor air quality with excess CO2 increases chances of bacteria transmission many folds, increasing the chances of cross-contamination.


Prolonged exposure to unhealthy air quality can also significantly affect reduce chances of quick healing and increases further health risks for patients.

Studies indicate that more than 20% of patients contract airborne infections during their hospitalization for other issues, significantly escalating health risks.

A Comprehensive Indoor Air Quality

Monitoring Solution

Comprehensive air quality monitoring solution built to provide you detailed environmental data to help you monitor real time air quality within the hospital premises and get alerts in case the values increases a pre-defined value.


Particulate Matter equal to or less that 10 micron can mix with air droplets in air and form harmful particles which can cause problems for respiratory system.

Carbon Monoxide

Poisonous and colourless gas released mainly due to combustion of fuels can interfere in oxygen-hemoglobin binding causing severe health problems.


Though atmospheric Ozone protects us from harmful ultraviolet radiations, ground Ozone is quite harmful for humans and reduce lung functions.

Nitrogen Dioxide

Nitrogen dioxide is as harmful as carbon monoxide as it can cause serious damage to heart and lungs when inhaled including irritation of airways.

Built for healthy

Indoor Environment

Intelligent and smart air quality monitoring solution to help healthcare businesses maintain a healthy and safe environment for patients and visitors detailed insights to improve overall work environment for all stakeholders


Get real time air quality data for various locations within your premises to keep an eye on health hazardous with predefined alerts


Configure real time alerts in case any value passes a predefined threshold for any parameters included in air quality


Analyse historical data to find reasons for reduction in air quality and take preventive measures before they cause an issue


How does AQI

Monitoring Helps?

Holistic and transparent air quality monitoring solution to help hospitals and healthcare businesses build a clean, healthy and safe environment for all stakeholders with growth and sustainability in mind

Better Management

Maintain a healthy, clean and optimum air quality for patients, doctors, staff and visitors. Ensure better recovery experience for patients with risk of cross-infection.

Better Monitoring

Monitor real time air quality within the hospital premises in real time and get alerts in case any value cross a pre-defined threshold avoiding any health issues.

Better Transparency

Bring transparency to your operations with real time air quality data accessible to patients, staff, visitors and other stakeholders through web and mobile devices.

Bringing Health and Safety to


Studies shows that a healthy environment can help in quick recovery of patients and avoid any chances of cross infection among patients and visitors. Connect with us to know how we can help you monitor the air quality in your premises.

A Solution for Health and


Clean and healthy air is right of human being and our air quality monitoring solution helps businesses across various domains to maintain a clean, health and safe environment in their premises. Check out of solutions for various domains


Know more about air quality monitoring for schools for providing healthy and productive environment to students and staff.


Provide your guests a healthy and clean air through real time air quality monitoring solutions for hotels and restaurants.


Enhance employee productivity by providing them a healthy and clean air using air quality monitoring solutions for Offices.

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Continuous monitoring of air quality using an Indoor Air Quality Monitoring Solution can significantly help you improve the health quotient of your hospital premises and provide a healthy and safe working environment for your patients, staff and visitors. Connect with us to know how we can help you create a better environment.