Patient Request Management System for

Self Service Deliverability

Discover an innovative approach to enhance the service experience for your patients and visitors with a self-service request management system with our patient engagement software.

Seamless and


An automated patient request management system built inline with hospitality services to provide your inpatients, visitors and staff a whole new experience with complete accountability and transparency.

Easy Request Generation

Allow your patients, visitors and staff generate service requests using their mobile devices through various channels like scanning a QR Code.

Faster Request Closure

Allot these service requests automatically to concerned departments without any manual intervention and track end to end closure timeline.

Better Operational Efficiency

Generate better operational outcomes by reducing manual task allocation and bring more accountability into your processes.

Streamline the delivery of inpatient and visitor service requests through automation, leading to an improved patient experience and increased staff efficiency

Next level of

Patient Satisfaction

Patient request management system that helps you deliver a whole new patient and visitor experience and improves patient satisfaction quotient for your hospital and enhance your brand loyalty.

Multiple Request Modes

Multiple modes for patients and visitors for raising digital requests including QR Codes, Self Service Kiosks and Patient App.

Real Time Status

Real time status updates for all service requests with clear accountability and detailed insights on staff efficiency and productivity.

Auto Escalations

Auto escalations and conversion to tickets in case of service delays and end to end monitoring of their progress.

Make your Patients and Visitors

Feel Heard and Cared

Improve your patient satisfaction quotient by seamlessly fulfilling their service request with minimal to no human intervention for various services including housekeeping services, food delivery, billing related services and much more.

Eliminate chances of missing service requests and get detailed insights on your service deliverability SLAs with clear accountability.

patient request management system

How does the Patient Engagement

Software Helps?

Holistic and transparent service deliverability solution to help hospitals and healthcare businesses elevate their patient and visitor experience and build a stronger brand value.

No More Waiting

No more waiting time for patients or visitors for hospital staff to attend to their needs or service request, create a request using any of the modes

Better Efficiency

Automated service request allotment to employees based on their department and availability, helping bring efficiency in operations and reducing unnecessary waiting time for patients

Better Quality Control

Strict quality control on service request deliverabilities with pre-defined SLAs to deliver quality experience to patients and visitors without any delays

Helping build a

Patient Centric Hospital

Patient engagement software that helps healthcare businesses deliver better experiences to its patients as well as visitor and optimise workforce productivity along the way. Connect with us to know how we can help your business achieve better patient satisfaction quotient.

Get in touch to deliver next level of

Patient Satisfaction

Provide seamless and unique patient and visitor experience by automating service requests, letting patients and visitor share feedback, and auto escalation of unsatisfactory closures of service requests.