People Counting System for

Occupancy Monitoring

Get better insights on usage of your premise’s facilities and overall footfall in various areas, helping you optimising your manpower allocation for cleaning and their scheduled activities.

people counting system

Built for

Smart Facilities

People counting system built to help businesses determine real time usage of their facility and optimise their manpower allocation for cleaning and other housekeeping tasks based on actual usage, resulting in savings on unnecessary overheads and recurring costs.

Get a better understanding of how your space is being utilised and identify areas which can optimised for efficient use of resources and manpower. Data driven insights to help you optimise your

  • HVAC Usage
  • Energy Consumption
  • Lighting and other Utilities
  • Front-line activities like Cleaning

Enhancing Operational Efficiency for

Smart Buildings

Occupancy monitoring systems to gain precise insights into the presence and frequency of individuals in buildings, floors or rooms. Utilize data-driven analysis to make informed decisions, optimising real estate occupancy, enhancing facilities management, achieving energy savings, and elevating the overall workplace experience.

Retail Spaces

Track live entries and exits in real-time to fine-tune staffing levels, assess the effectiveness of your campaigns, and pinpoint high-traffic areas requiring additional attention from cleaning or housekeeping staff


Monitor the occupancy levels in public-facing areas to adhere to regulations, strategically allocate support staff based on footfall to prevent overcrowding, and guide employees to specific locations for efficient patient pick-ups.


Monitor fluctuations in traveler densities at key pathways or bottlenecks, enabling airport management to redirect foot traffic and adjust the distribution of airport staff to alleviate congestion.

Smart Venues

Utilize traffic pattern monitoring to proactively prevent overcrowding in public places by deploying park employees to those locations. Employ strategies such as opening and closing access points strategically to eliminate bottlenecks, ensuring a smooth and controlled flow of visitors.

Public Washrooms

Monitor real-time usage of public washroom facilities and automate the generation of cleaning requests upon reaching a predefined threshold. Efficiently manages the time of cleaning staff, ensuring timely maintenance and a consistently hygienic environment.

Enhance the efficiency of your manpower resources by aligning maintenance activities with the actual footfall or occupancy of specific areas. Optimize utility usage, such as power or HVAC, for better resource utilisation, ensuring a more targeted and cost-effective management of both human and energy resources.

occupancy monitoring sensors

Built for efficient and

Sustainable Facilities

Harness the capabilities of PIR and LoRaWAN-based occupancy people counting sensors to access real-time data, empowering empowers you to make informed decisions for effective building management, optimizing both utilities and housekeeping task management

Space Optimization

Optimize space utilization within buildings by analyzing meeting room usage and understanding occupancy trends. This data can inform workforce planning and contribute to enhancing the overall user experience.

Facility Maintenance

Monitoring usage of your premises, washrooms and office spaces to collect data on the actual usage of the facility for better staffing and scheduling decisions, ensuring efficient resource allocation and a well-maintained environment.

Visitor Analytics

Analyze visitor flow and footfall patterns, providing valuable insights into premises performance and enhance customer experience through informed decision-making and strategic improvements in various aspects of your operations.

Easy to deploy

Footfall Monitoring System

Build a data driven facility that focuses on optimisation of both manpower and facility resources using new-age technology solutions for a comprehensive sustainable growth

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