Client Overview

The client is one of the leading healthcare brands in state of Telangana and having presence in over 4 states with around 13 hospitals under their brand.


Some of the business challenges faced by the client included monitoring the movement and productivity of the huge workforce spread across the hospital premises. Along with that client also faced challenges in managing their tasks and monitoring progress of allotted tasks.

  • Track the movement of personnel with in the premises.
  • Manage their tasks and monitor the progress on tasks in real time.
  • Monitor actual utility of employees and determine optimal number of personnel required.
  • Gain insights on how employees are spending their time within premises.


Our workforce and task management solution included the following components:

  • Mobile Apps – All employees were given mobile apps to manage the incoming task requests and update their status in real time. The task allotment was done based on their proximity to the location where task was requested.
  • BLE iBeacons – BLE iBeacons were placed around the hospital premises to determine real time location of employees. These Beacons communicate with employee mobile apps to update their in-premises position on server.
  • dex’s goporter – Workforce Management Solution along with Porter Tracking System


goporter helped the client in monitoring the actual utility of employees as each task they did on daily basis was recorded. The task management was efficient as each task was allotted to employee who was in proximity. On top of that, client gained visibility on real time presence and movement of its employees in the premises.

About dex

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