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Smart Retail Spaces

AI and IoT sensor-driven solutions for retail spaces to enhance facility management operations through improved monitoring and control of workforce, resources, and assets.

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Efficient Retail Space

Improve your facility operations by closely monitoring work, personnel and resources, while gaining in-depth insights into areas for improvement and cost reduction.


Make your recurring housekeeping services more efficient with innovative IoT based housekeeping service management system.


ESL Solutions for smart retail spaces for real time updates and better utilisation of resources


Track and monitor your personnel movement within your premises to reduce unnecessary wastage of work hours.

Washroom Solution

IoT based smart washroom solution that uses occupancy sensors and ammonia sensors for automating cleaning operations based on restroom usage.

Counting System

Track and monitor footfall in your premises and optimise your resource allocation based on the same to help you optimise your operational costs



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AI in Facility Management: Unlocking Efficiency and Performance

AI brings forth an array of benefits that are reshaping the future of facility management industry and bringing in resource optimization.

Guard Tour System – Enhancing Business Premises Security

Know how a cloud based Security Guard Tour Patrol System can help you enhance the security of your business Premises.

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